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Advantages and benefits
Advantages and benefits
Cold storage at competitive prices
Cost-effective storage of surplus production and efficient handling of delays in shipping or consumption
Computarized control of the refrigeration system, humidity and enviroment.
Desired temperature of the fruit in appropriate time
Keeps the freshness and quality of the vegetables and other products
Storage control through WMS technology
Product traceability
Efficiency and easy to administrate
Ozone System
Hygiene and cleanliness permanent.
Cooling by propylene glycol
Coolant of proven efficiency, friendly with nature
Computerized Ethylene control
Better control of the ripening of vegetables
Hermetic seal-tight doors on the platforms and lobbies
Prevents entry of insects and contaminants.
Six independent chambers
Prevent cold loss
Preserve hygiene
Modern rack system "reverse flow" or "push back"
It facilitates the storage and handling of pallets, without damaging them
System that allows large energy savings and resource optimization without contamination
Quality in refrigeration at a competitive price
Friendly with nature.
Service, control and security all year
Availability and reliability
Located in Limon
Proximity to the dock (12 km)
Avoid delays for landslides and crowded roads
6 individual cold chambers with 450 space each, a total of 2700 spaces
Independence of products between chambers
Plenty of storage space for vegetables and other products
Several rental methods
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